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“No prior musical experience or training needed.  Tell your friends!”

Join Cantabella’s 2016 Choral, Rhythm and Movement Summer Camp where children will be exposed to choral and music literacy, rhythm exploration and development, expressive movement and dance.  The camp will be run by our highly trained instructors, Grace Edwards & Jody Harcourt. Classes will be filled with lessons in healthy vocal production, artistic expression of beautiful and lively music, with lots of fun along the way.  Camps will be held in two locations: one through the City of Pleasanton and the other through the Livermore Area Recreation and Parks District.

Your children will think they are playing games as they sing, move and play easy instruments.  But in fact, they are learning.  They are learning skills that they will use and can build on for the rest of their lives.  Our instructors are experienced and skilled teachers.  Children will be taught using the Kodály Method.

The Kodály Method uses a child-developmental approach, introducing skills according to the capabilities of the child. New concepts are introduced beginning with what is easiest for the child and progressing to the more difficult. Children are first introduced to musical concepts through experiences such as listening, singing, or movement.  Through the years, educators discovered that movement is an important tool for the internalization of rhythm.

So, while your child is having fun and playing what looks like games to you, they are learning important skills taught by expert instructors.  They are also learning to work with their peers, and will surely make friends.

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Need financial assistance?  The City of Pleasanton offers limited financial assistance for the camp to qualified Pleasanton residents who meet the income requirements.  Only the City of Pleasanton can answer questions about this program.  Find more information about their Community Services Fee Assistance Program at:

Non-Resident Fees Refunded:  We weren’t able to hold a summer camp in each city of the Tri-Valley this summer, but we don’t want anyone to be penalized for living outside one of our camp cities by having to pay an additional non-resident fee.  Therefore, Cantabella is offering to refund non-resident fees for each child who qualifies under our policy.

Our policy:

  1. Child must attend the Cantabella Choral, Rhythm & Movement 2016 Summer Camp for the entire week,
  2. Enrollment is through either the City of Pleasanton or Livermore Area Recreation and Parks District via their normal procedure.All fees must be paid to them, including the non-resident fee.  Please note that the City of Pleasanton and the Livermore Area Recreation and Parks District will NOT waive or refund the non-resident fee.  This offer is through Cantabella only,
  3. The parent/guardian must request the refund of the non-resident fee(s) to Cantabella, and show proof that the non-resident fee(s) was paid by them.
  4. Cantabella will give the parent/guardian a check for the non-resident fee paid for each child enrolled, if the child has attended the camp through to its end and all other rules have been followed,Parent/guardian cannot qualify for tuition/fee refund due to illness or for any other reason,
  5. If the request for the refund of the non-resident fee is made by noon on the Wednesday during the camp, and proof of payment has been provided, a check from Cantabella will be given to the qualifying parent/guardian by noon on the last day of camp if they are present at the camp on that day. If not, the check will be mailed.  If the request, with proof, is made later than the Wednesday of camp, the check will be mailed to the parent/guardian.  No request will be honored if proof is not received by July 13, 2016.
  6. It is strongly advised that you contact Cantabella ( prior to paying the non-resident fee to ensure that you qualify and that you understand the rules of this offer.

For questions, contact

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