Financial Aid

Cantabella has an extensive need-based financial aid program for qualified families. Every semester we try to support as many families as we are able. Do not let the cost of the program keep you from enrolling, as you may qualify for scholarship funding.

Who can apply?
Any existing or prospective chorister.

How to apply?
To apply, please submit a completed Cantabella Financial Aid Application.


Joan and Lynn Seppala Choral Education Award

A milestone for Cantabella, the award aims to recognize choristers who demonstrate commitment and dedication to the Choir’s program, a high level of musical proficiency, diligent and faithful participation, and leadership attributes. Choristers are encouraged to use the award to seek additional lessons to enrich their choral experience and enhance their vocal skills. By recognizing their talent and dedication, we hope to motivate and inspire our accomplished singers to make an impact by serving as ambassadors of the Choral Arts in our community, and, we wish to nurture their interest to pursue a career in the discipline. The award will be merit based and distributed annually. High School Choristers who have been in the Performing Choir for at least three years are eligible.
Congratulations to the first recipients of the Choral Award!

Who can apply?

  • A member of CCC’s performing choir for at least 3 years, AND
  • Current high school student continuing in Cantabella’s program (unless he/she is graduating)

How to apply:

  • Download and fill out the application linked below
  • Include a one page essay about singing and music
  • Email completed document to
  • Deadline to apply is April 20th, 2016


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