Note About Practice Tracks

Please download and begin listening to your practice tracks right away.

To Download: Click the link on your class page. The file should begin automatically downloading, which may take a few seconds to several minutes depending on the speed of your connection. If you do not see the file after 10 minutes, check your computer’s “downloads” folder. If you are still having problems, please contact Robin Tomaschke¬†for assistance.

Q: Why do we offer practice recordings?

A: Since we only meet once per week, the purpose of the Cantabella Practice Recordings is to hasten the learning of the notes and rhythms of our concert repertoire so that valuable class time can be wisely used to teach other important musical concepts and choral techniques. Once students have learned the basics, we can use class time to work on all the nuances of an artistic performance including diction, dynamics, balance, phrasings, expression, and proper stage presence and sometimes fun choreography.

Q: Why does my chorister need to listen almost daily at the beginning of the semester?

A: Repetitive listening is a key part of the learning, most needed and most effective at the beginning of the season rather than closer to concert time. It is not enough to only hear the songs once per week at choral practice.

The staff of CCC have invested time and resources to make the recordings possible. We hope you will make it easy for your child or yourself (for older choristers) to listen and practice at home. Your assistance and cooperation are deeply appreciated.

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