Cantabella Choirs

Cantabella Choirs are divided into the Training Choirs and the Performing Choirs.

Please click the link at the left for the choir in which your child is enrolled. If you have children in different choirs you will refer to a separate page for each of them. Each choir page lists your individual class calendar as well as music practice tracks and important announcements. Please refer back to your class choir page(s) often!

Cantabella Training Choirs:

  • Cantabella Training Choir One (CTC-1) Kindergarten-1st grade
  • Cantabella Training Choir Two (CTC-2) 2nd-3rd grade
  • Cantabella Training Choir Three (CTC-3) 4th-5th grade

Cantabella Performing Choirs:

  • Children’s Choir (CC)  5th-8th grade (Treble voices only; by audition)
  • Chamber Choir (CH)  7th-12th grade (SATB; treble and changed voice; by audition)
  • Honor’s Choir (HC)  7th-12th grade (Treble voices only; by audition)


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