Beautiful Singing Nurturing Beautiful Children

Mission Statement:
The mission of Cantabella Children’s Chorus is to develop music literacy, healthy vocal technique,
and choral artistry through excellence in music education,
choral productions, and collaborative cultural arts experiences, to enrich our diverse community.

Cantabella Children’s Chorus is a non-profit organization located in the Livermore Tri-Valley of the San Francisco Bay Area. We offer classes in Livermore, Pleasanton, and San Ramon.

CCC strives to foster and promote the appreciation of choral music in the community through performances at:

  • annual holiday and spring concerts
  • local corporate and civic functions
  • churches and community outreach in collaboration with other musical organizations

While CCC strives to be the best Children’s Chorus in the Tri-Valley Area, it nurtures more than just “beautiful singing” . A caring and well-trained staff, combined with dedicated parents, provide a perfect environment for children and young people to:

  • develop beautiful character
  • learn the values of commitment and responsibility, which carry over into other aspects of their lives
  • learn to work as a team and to respect and appreciate the personal worth of others from diverse backgrounds
  • nurture lasting friendships and strengthen family ties

but above all… to have fun, fun, fun!!!

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